Keep Our Lakes Clean.
Not Green.

Even if you live far from a lake or river, your lawn and
yard care can affect water quality. You can help
keep Lake Champlain clean!

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Raise the Blade: A campaign to reduce stormwater runoff
Shelburne News

Raise the Blade Research has begun
Lake Champlain Sea Grant

“Don’t ‘P’ on the lawn,”
Burlington Free Press

Water Quality Improves After Lawn Fertilizer Ban, Study Shows
Science Daily

“It’s Easy Being Green”

“Urban, Suburban Pollution Threaten Lake”
Burlington Free Press

“Lawn to Lake Connection”

For A ‘Green’ Lawn, Focus On Mowing, Not Early Fertilizing
Cornell News Release

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Watch this video to learn more about why you shouldn’t “P” on your lawn.

The Lake Champlain Basin

A “basin”, or watershed, is all the land area that drains to a body of water. Visit the Lake Champlain Basin Atlas to learn more .