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For more information about this program or questions, email lawn@lawntolake.org or call one of the partners.

Visit the posters etc. page to see free materials available for distribution by local groups and municipalities. Call 802-372-3213 for more information.

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In 2006, several groups in Vermont and the Champlain watershed in New York began pooling resources and ideas to create a coordinated outreach message. In addition to promoting the use of phosphorus-free fertilizer with the “Don’t ‘P’ on Your Lawn” message, this partnership has created other healthy lawn tips and encouraged local retailers to stock phosphorus-free fertilizers.


Cornell Cooperative Extension
518-561-7450 in Clinton Co.
518-962-4810 in Essex Co.

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Lake Champlain Basin Program
802-372-3213 or
800-468-5227 (NY & VT)

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Lake Champlain Committee

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Lake Champlain Sea Grant / U. of Vermont Extension

Sea Grant and New England Regional Water Program
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Smart Waterways - Regional Storm Water Education Program

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Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

VT ANR Clean and Clear
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